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Department Overview

The primary objective of teaching clinical biochemistry to undergraduate BDS students is to enable them to comprehend the scientific foundations of biomolecules, even at the molecular level, and guide them towards the practical application of this knowledge in resolving clinical challenges. By imparting a profound understanding of the molecular intricacies of biomolecules, students are equipped with the tools necessary to address complex clinical issues effectively.

In the realm of dental education, biochemistry assumes a pivotal role as it unveils the chemistry underpinning life itself. As a core subject within dental disciplines, it illuminates the critical connections between biochemical reactions and human health maintenance. With numerous intricate biochemical reactions occurring continuously within the body, a grasp of biochemistry becomes imperative. This understanding serves as a gateway for comprehending the essence of dental sciences, ultimately enabling students to navigate the dynamic landscape of dental practice. By focusing on fundamental concepts and their real-world applications, dental students are prepared to approach clinical challenges with a solid foundation of knowledge, propelling them towards becoming skilled dental professionals.

Why Biochemistry Department is Special ?


To have a sound knowledge in basic medical subjects to improve the clinical diagnostic skills.


Practical oriented learning process with individual attention to ensure the quality of students in academic performance.

Department Facilities

  • Under graduate practical hall with 30 student capacity.
  • Lecture theatre with LCD projector.
  • Department library with adequate number of reference books.
  • Department is equipped with adequate number of instruments & equipment's for under graduate, post graduate teaching and research activity.

Department Contact Info

Department of Biochemistry

Malabar Dental College & Research Centre Manoor, Chekanoor Rd, Mudur P.O Edappal, Malappuram, Dt Pin : 679578

+91 7034555521

Mon – Fri 8:30A.M. – 4:00P.M.

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Department Faculty

Professor and Head of Department

Dr. Asha K.R, an accomplished professional, holds an MSc. in Medical Biochemistry, a PhD, and boasts 16 years of teaching experience across Medical, Dental, and Paramedical courses. Additionally, she has a year of Clinical Research experience at the Regional Cancer Centre Thiruvananthapuram. Notable accolades adorn her career, including an Appreciation Award from PMS Dental College in 2019 and a Certificate of Appreciation as the 'Ideal Teacher of MDC' through the 'Student’s Favorite Poll' at Malabar Dental College in September 2022.

She further honed her expertise by actively participating in Teachers Training Courses, such as the one at Martheophilus Teachers Training College, Trivandrum, in 2018. Dr. Asha K.R's impact extends beyond accolades, as evidenced by her workshops at Azeezia Medical College, KOLLAM, and Government Medical College TVM. Her contributions to academia encompass publications in two international journals indexed in Scopus, as well as a presentation at the National Seminar on Diabetes-Research and Remedies in 2017.

Dr. Asha K.R

Mrs. Mariya Hashimi


Ms. Muhsina Farisha


Mrs. Lekha P

Lab Attender