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Department Overview

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is a specialized branch of dentistry focusing on surgical intervention for diseases, disorders, and injuries of the head, neck, and craniomaxillofacial complex. At Malabar Dental College, the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery provides comprehensive medical care and emergency services to patients with maxillofacial problems. The department has a minor operation theatre and exodontia clinic for basic extraction procedures. Additionally, they offer major surgical procedures in collaboration with Amana Hospital, Kuttipuram, and Elitte Hospital, Trishur.

Procedures performed include treating facial injuries, removal of tumors, reconstructive surgeries, dental implants, and more. The department also features a simulation center for training in various techniques. Active participation in study group discussions and a highly experienced staff further enhance the department's capabilities. Notably, Malabar Dental College takes pride in being one of the first colleges in Kerala to offer training for Dental Operating Room Assistants (DORA). Their vision is to provide high-quality care and compassion to every patient.

Why OMFS Department is Special ?


To provide the highest quality of comprehensive surgical and medical care with compassion and concern for every patient.


To train the students in various Oral and Maxillofacial surgeries in an organized, systematic and ethical manner by our renowned team of maxillofacial surgeons to mould them in achieving, maintaining and rejuvenating a successful surgical career.

Department Facilities

Department of Oral & maxillofacial surgery has its presence where all the emergency and trauma services are provided to the patients having maxillofacial problems. The Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Malabar Dental College has a separate minor operation theatre and exodontia clinic. The Department also has a well established geriatric centre. Department has an MOU with Amana hospital, Kuttipuram AND Elite Hospital Trishur for major surgical procedure. Depatment also has a simulation centre that provides training for BLS, Arch bar fixation and suturing. The department has a central stores and sterilisation department. The strength of the department is well experienced staff with academic and clinical skills, very good patient inflow, minimum charges with maximum benefit to patients, quality patient treatment. The department is very proud to be the among first in Kerala to give training for Dental operating room assistant (DORA).

Department Contact Info

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Malabar Dental College & Research Centre Manoor, Chekanoor Rd, Mudur P.O Edappal, Malappuram, Dt Pin : 679578

+91 7034555521

Mon – Fri 8:30A.M. – 4:00P.M.

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Department Faculty

Professor and Head of Department

Dr M.S.Balakrishna is a highly accomplished dental professional with impressive academic credentials, holding BDS from AME Dental College, Raichur, Karnataka, and MDS from AECS Maaruthi Dental College, Bangalore. He is a well-known teacher in dentistry, contributing to Dental Pulse for entrance coaching and serving as Director of Competitive Examination at Edentu.

His expertise extends to basic sciences, motivation, and study skills, helping students improve their MDS performance. He has numerous publications and has received "Best Staff" and "Best Paper" awards for his outstanding contributions. Dr. M S Balakrishna is also skilled in music, holding a Bachelor's degree in Tabla, and has represented in Junior Nationals in Badminton. As a chief consultant to various hospitals, he continues to inspire and guide dental professionals, making a significant impact on the dental field.

Dr. M S Balakrishna

Dr Manoj Bhaskar


Dr Ani John Peter

Assistant Professor

Dr Kiran Vincent

Assistant Professor

Dr Amjad Ali

Assistant Professor