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Department Overview

The Department of Public Health Dentistry provides students with a comprehensive learning experience, including clinical case discussions, field visits, project assignments, seminars, and innovative teaching methods. Emphasis is placed on activity-based and active learning to enhance practical skills and critical thinking.

Public health dentistry focuses on preventing oral diseases at the community level, encompassing various preventive measures through community dental programs. The department takes charge of planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating these initiatives. Dental public health measures such as School Dental health screening, education, pit and fissure sealant application, and fluoride mouth rinsing are emphasized. Outreach programs, like dental camps and the Mobile Dental Unit (MDU) – 'Dentistry on wheels,' reach underserved areas, providing vital dental care. Two peripheral dental health care centers at Ponnai and Kuttipuram offer valuable clinical exposure to interns, contributing to community oral health. This commitment to promoting oral health and community-based care empowers the next generation of dental professionals in public health dentistry.

Why Public Health Dentistry Department is Special ?


Striving to achieve optimum oral health of the community through application of scientific knowledge and clinical skills of Public health dentistry.


  • Development of comprehensive oral health programmes to cater to unmet needs of the community through effective collaboration with external stakeholders.
  • Enabling students to understand their unique roles and responsibilities in preventing oral diseases & promoting oral health of individuals & communities.
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary community based oral health care research.
  • Competency enhancement of faculty members to help them realize their career objectives

Department Facilities

  • Mobile dental Van
  • Department Museum
  • Department Library
  • Portal dental Chair
  • Sterilization Unit
  • Health education Models
  • Audio Visual Aids

Department Contact Info

Department of PHD

Malabar Dental College & Research Centre Manoor, Chekanoor Rd, Mudur P.O Edappal, Malappuram, Dt Pin : 679578

+91 7034555521

Mon – Fri 8:30A.M. – 4:00P.M.

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Department Faculty

Reader and Head of Department

Dr. Abdul Saheer is a passionate educator and biostatistician, dedicated to making a difference in the field of biostatistics. As an online research consultant at Zone School of Business Studies in London, he mentors students to excel in their academic pursuits. Beyond traditional education, he is the proud founder of the successful YouTube channel, 'Dentistry'n more,' providing free dental lectures to over 30,000 subscribers worldwide. Driven by a commitment to teaching and mentorship, he simplifies complex concepts, instilling a passion for learning in his audience.

With a strong academic background and a research-oriented mindset, Dr. Abdul Saheer has earned recognition as an excellent biostatistician. His ability to combine academic prowess, research skills, and effective teaching makes him invaluable to students and researchers alike. Continuously inspiring and empowering the next generation of learners and researchers, his impact extends far beyond biostatistics, leaving a lasting impression on aspiring minds across disciplines.

Dr Abdul Saheer

Dr Aparna B K

Sr. Lecturer

Dr Manna S Mathai


Dr Anjana Vipal


Mrs Amina Sumayya

Camp Coordinator