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Department Overview

Microbiology deals with the organisms too small for the naked eye to see, encloses the study of organism that causes disease, the host response to infection and routes in which such infection may be prevented.

The Department involves in the basic understanding of General and Medical Microbiology and also a systematic and analytical study of cause and effects of oral diseases with investigative procedures which helps in diagnosis and development of rational treatment. The Department of Microbiology is dedicated in providing the quality education , by the way of lecturing , practical exposure in the well equipped lab, necessary to meet the needs of growing field.

Why General Microbiology Department is Special ?


Introduce the students to the exciting world of microbes. To make students aware of various branches of microbiology and the role of microbes in human diseases.


To impart quality education to undergraduate and postgraduate students, to train them in the discipline of Microbiology and to expand the body of knowledge of this scientific field through research.

Department Facilities

  • The department was founded goal of offering study in Microbiology for BDS and MDS students. Since its inception it is engaged in diagnostic, teaching and research.
  • The department can include 50 students at a time. The department provides facilities to the UG and PG students. Lecturers, tutorial, seminar, demonstration and practical are held regularly for students as per the university norms.
  • Modern teaching methods and ICT enabled tools are widely used for the better understanding of the concepts.
  • Fully equipped practical laboratories for conducting microbiology experiments.

Department Contact Info

Department of Microbiology

Malabar Dental College & Research Centre Manoor, Chekanoor Rd, Mudur P.O Edappal, Malappuram, Dt Pin : 679578

+91 7034555521

Mon – Fri 8:30A.M. – 4:00P.M.

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Department Faculty

Dr. Sayi D.S

Professor and HOD

Mr Abdul Wahab C.P


Mrs Maneesha S J


About Head of Department

Dr Sayi D S is a leading microbiology researcher (former ICMR-SRF) and teacher with more than 9 years of teaching experience. He has 13 international Publications (272 citations) & he completed his PhD microbiology from Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC-ICMR) , WHO Collaborating Centre of Research, Reference and training in Leptospirosis, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands with ICMR fellowship & he had 5 years of research experience in infectious diarrhoeal diseases (Shigellosis, Salmonellosis, Cholera etc). Ninety six (96) bacterial species were identified by gene sequencing, and identified genes were approved with gene bank (USA) accession numbers from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCB-USA) .

Dr. Sayi D.S
Professor and Head of Department