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Department Overview

Department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology has been the back bone of research activities in this institution.

The department involves in the systematic and analytical study of cause and effects of oral diseases with investigative procedures which helps in diagnosis and development of rational treatment. This department acts as a bridge between the basic science subjects and clinical subjects.

Why Oral Pathology & Microbiology Department is Special ?


To adopt novel teaching methods to equip the students in oral pathology and other related subjects. To attribute to new scientific knowledge by combining advanced methods in research with current practice of pathology. To provide proficient, comprehensive and elite diagnostic services of our patients.


To advance as a benchmark in quality dental education, excellence in innovative research and leader in diagnostic service

Department Facilities

Department is having various faciliteshematology lab, histopathology lab, clinics, research microscope room, department library & seminar room, museum, practical halls for students & rooms for faculty & post graduates.

  • In hematology lab, we cater to all routine blood investigations to aid patient management
  • The histopathology lab for diagnosis of pathologic conditions by cytologic smears, decalcification techniques and biopsy tissue evaluation and reporting.
  • The clinics facilitates examination of patients by post graduate students and faculty
  • The Computer room having microscope and camera attachment along with image analysis software.
  • The department houses an advanced research microscope and a digital camera for photomicrographic evaluation. We are also retained with a phase contrast, fluorescence microscope, polarizing microscope, dark field microscope and image analysissoftware. A Pentahead microscope is additionally accessible which empowers postgraduatelearning.
  • An Immunohistochemical Laboratory is situated inside the in the department which providescomprehensive diagnostic services with emphasis on accurate diagnosis and quick treatment.
  • The department library is well stocked with books and journals
  • The seminar room with projector facility.
  • Well maintained museum provided with a wide array of head and neck specimens displayed systematically, along with itsphotomicrographs of the histopathology slides. Also, relevant clinical photographs, radiographsmake the display complete.

Department Contact Info

Department of OPM

Malabar Dental College & Research Centre Manoor, Chekanoor Rd, Mudur P.O Edappal, Malappuram, Dt Pin : 679578

+91 7034555521

Mon – Fri 8:30A.M. – 4:00P.M.

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Department Faculty

Professor and Head of Department

Dr. Jubin Thomas is an experienced professor with 12 years of postgraduate teaching practice. He is skilled in dental education, research coordination, proof reading, and lecturing. KUHS approved PhD guide with several national and international publications.

Dr. Jubin Thomas

Dr. Akhil S

Associate Professor

Dr. Ajish M Saji

Associate Professor

Dr. Fousiya Ali

Associate Professor

Dr. Aswathy S

Associate Professor